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Your friend in health

Mediserve Pharmacy

Mediserve Pharmacy is an accredited healthcare provider that has been providing healthcare with more than 6 years of providing excellent health care services, medicine and advice, Mediserve Pharmacy still has a special place in the hearts of many Limpopo residents.

The mandate is to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and well being to ensure accessible quality of pharmaceutical service. 5 professionals opened the first Mediserve Pharmacy more than 6 years ago in Sekororo (Limpopo). Today there are 3 Mediserve Pharmacies located in Limpopo(Sekororo, Polokwane, Bendor).

Our pharmacists also assist with chronic authorizations – this ensures that a clients day-to-day privileges last longer. Mediserve Pharmacy has 3 fully equipped pharmacies that offers primary health care, a baby clinic and health assessments to name but a few.

We also offer delivery and telephonic order services as well as the pre-packing of chronic medication, because we know how precious your time is.

Still Making A Difference!

Mediserve Pharmacy holds a special place in the hearts of many Limpopo residents, as the pharmacy has been looking after the community for more than 6 years.


Mediserve Pharmacy strives to become the Consumer’s FIRST choice in retail pharmacy. Excellent personal service, honest and ethical dealings, competitive prices and variety in product and service forms the cornerstone of our business. Cost effective and profitable principles are implemented to ensure that all our stakeholders benefit.


To create value and benefit for all stakeholders: Employer, Employees & Clients.

Employer & Employees

  • Training and Development of all our staff.
  • Competitive remuneration and profit sharing, as well as a challenging and dynamic work environment
  • Maintain of integrity – honest, open, visible and ethical in all dealings and transactions.
  • Profitability and growth that exceeds conservative estimations.
  • Internally and externally be viewed as an organization that cares.


  • Provide best possible prices to our clients.
  • Supply of variety of product ranges (health, beauty and nutrition) to satisfy the demand in the market / environment. Thus market orientated to understand the demand of the client.
  • Constant search for improvement of service, range of products purchased and standard of training of our employees.
  • To provide an open channel for our clients, to ensure that each contribution and feedback can be included in our action plan for improvement.
  • Continuous service improvement by researching needs of our clients and understanding the environment in which we operate.

As a community pharmacy we pride ourselves in providing the following:

  • Emotional Support
  • Empathy & Respect
  • Effectible treatment delivered by professionals
  • Our community/ patient are the first priority
  • Promote tidiness and cleanliness to our working environment
  • Last but not least, we are reliable

Why choose Mediserve Pharmacy?

Limpopo’s trusted pharmacy since 2018

  • Affordable delivery all over Limpopo.
  • We offer affordable Generic Medicines
  • Great advice from experienced Pharmacists
  • Clinic with Doctor and Nurses
  • Contracted with all Medical Schemes